Natural Ways to Treat Acne and Scars

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It’s not unusual to see oral medications and chemical creams inside the medicine cabinet of acne sufferers. While these acne-treating medicines may offer powerful and immediate results, they may also carry side effects. For those who want to try safe alternatives, check out this ten natural ways to treat acne and scars:

•    Aloe Vera – The fresh gel of an Aloe Vera is an excellent source of vitamins that help in healing the skin and fading scars. In using this, an acne sufferer should not worry about irritations and further skin damage because Aloe Vera is gentle. It also acts as a natural moisturizer that leaves the skin feeling soft and healthy. It’s best to use the fresh and organic gel of an Aloe Vera. Simply get a small piece of Aloe Vera leaf, peel off its outer flesh and expose the gel. Once the gel is exposed, gently massage it into the affected area.

•    Baking Soda – This is a common item in every household that has a variety of uses, including its ability to help in healing the scars. You can use it as an effective cleansing scrub to exfoliate the skin due to its sodium bicarbonate components. Mix a few drops of water until a paste is formed and gently massage into the scar area. Leave it for a maximum of two minutes. Wash the face using lukewarm water. Afterward, apply natural moisturizers like jojoba oil, rose hip oil or coconut oil if desired.

•    Coconut Oil – regarding natural moisturizers’ healing properties, this tops the list. Put few teaspoons of VCO (virgin coconut oil) into the palm of the hand and allow it to melt. Using the fingertips, massage the coconut oil directly on the scar area. No need for washing it away because as the oil soaks into the skin, its vitamins including the essential fatty acids work their way to improve skin’s health.

•    Cucumber – Cucumber is popularly known as a facial treatment ingredient. Known for its super hydrating properties, it also contains magnesium plus vitamins A and C, both of which are good for the skin. To treat acne scars gently lay thin cucumber slices over the scar area and wait for about 30 minutes before rinsing the face with cold water.

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•    Honey – It also acts as a natural moisturizer that helps in healing acne scars. Using raw honey is more effective than using processed ones found in local grocery stores. Simply massage small amounts of raw honey over the affected area. Also, try mixing it with a few teaspoons of ground cinnamon for an added pore-cleansing power.

•    Lemon – Lemon juice contains AHA (alpha-hydroxy acids) that are known for healing the scars and revitalizing the skin. Gently squeeze an organic lemon to get its juice. Dip a cotton ball in the squeezed juice and apply it to the scar area. Wait for it to dry before rinsing the face with cold water.

•    Vitamin E – One easy way to heal scars using vitamin E is to prick a gel capsule’s end and squeeze its contents over the fingertips. Gently apply the oil to the scar area or mix into daily moisturizers for faster healing.

By following the natural ways to treat acne and scars mentioned above, say hello to a blemish-free and healthier skin.

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