Natural Ways to Treat Acne and Scars

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It’s not unusual to see oral medications and chemical creams inside the medicine cabinet of acne sufferers. While these acne-treating medicines may offer powerful and immediate results, they may also carry side effects. For those who want to try safe alternatives, check out this ten natural ways to treat acne and scars:

•    Aloe Vera – The fresh gel of an Aloe Vera is an excellent source of vitamins that help in healing the skin and fading scars. In using this, an acne sufferer should not worry about irritations and further skin damage because Aloe Vera is gentle. It also acts as a natural moisturizer that leaves the skin feeling soft and healthy. It’s best to use the fresh and organic gel of an Aloe Vera. Simply get a small piece of Aloe Vera leaf, peel off its outer flesh and expose the gel. Once the gel is exposed, gently massage it into the affected area.

•    Baking Soda – This is a common item in every household that has a variety of uses, including its ability to help in healing the scars. You can use it as an effective cleansing scrub to exfoliate the skin due to its sodium bicarbonate components. Mix a few drops of water until a paste is formed and gently massage into the scar area. Leave it for a maximum of two minutes. Wash the face using lukewarm water. Afterward, apply natural moisturizers like jojoba oil, rose hip oil or coconut oil if desired.

•    Coconut Oil – regarding natural moisturizers’ healing properties, this tops the list. Put few teaspoons of VCO (virgin coconut oil) into the palm of the hand and allow it to melt. Using the fingertips, massage the coconut oil directly on the scar area. No need for washing it away because as the oil soaks into the skin, its vitamins including the essential fatty acids work their way to improve skin’s health.

•    Cucumber – Cucumber is popularly known as a facial treatment ingredient. Known for its super hydrating properties, it also contains magnesium plus vitamins A and C, both of which are good for the skin. To treat acne scars gently lay thin cucumber slices over the scar area and wait for about 30 minutes before rinsing the face with cold water.

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•    Honey – It also acts as a natural moisturizer that helps in healing acne scars. Using raw honey is more effective than using processed ones found in local grocery stores. Simply massage small amounts of raw honey over the affected area. Also, try mixing it with a few teaspoons of ground cinnamon for an added pore-cleansing power.

•    Lemon – Lemon juice contains AHA (alpha-hydroxy acids) that are known for healing the scars and revitalizing the skin. Gently squeeze an organic lemon to get its juice. Dip a cotton ball in the squeezed juice and apply it to the scar area. Wait for it to dry before rinsing the face with cold water.

•    Vitamin E – One easy way to heal scars using vitamin E is to prick a gel capsule’s end and squeeze its contents over the fingertips. Gently apply the oil to the scar area or mix into daily moisturizers for faster healing.

By following the natural ways to treat acne and scars mentioned above, say hello to a blemish-free and healthier skin.

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The Best Foundations to Use for a Photo Shoot

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    The best foundations to use for a photo shoot depends on the model’s skin type, the purpose of what the photoshoot is for, and the lighting involved in it. When you are searching for the best foundation for your photo shoot, you should consider those that:

•    Can effectively hide redness and blemishes
•    Minimizes pores
•    Feels natural and comfortable on your face

The following are top brands of foundation that has all three of these criteria:

1.    MAC SPF 10 Foundation
The MAC Pro Longwear is the foundation that is guaranteed to stand up to hot temperatures and humid weather. This foundation is perfect to be used when taking photographs during warm weather conditions. The foundation is also lightweight and has a creamy texture. Comfort isn’t an issue when it comes to this product.

2.    Revlon Makeup
The formula behind the Revlon Photo Ready is one that shows pigments that are bending, diffusing, and reflecting light – helping the skin to look flawless. Also, one of the main reasons why many people choose to buy this product is because it is relatively inexpensive.

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3.    Makeup For Ever
This makeup is oil free but can offer a buildable coverage. This means you can decide on how much coverage you need. This foundation is specifically formulated to give an effect soft-focus that can stand against bright and harsh lights. There are more than 20 shades available you can choose from; it wouldn’t be difficult for you to choose which shade would perfectly suit you.

4.    Dinair Airbrush
Airbrush makeups are a favorite of many celebrities because of its lightweight feel yet still a flawless result. Airbrush makeups also look good even from afar and look perfect at close up. Dinair Airbrush will let you apply your foundation via airbrushing technology. This makeup also lasts longer compared to others, and the only challenging thing you should master is handling and controlling the airbrush itself. When you get used to it, application of your makeup wouldn’t be that difficult and you’d be able to apply it like a pro.

5.    Double Wear by Estee Lauder
This product is a favorite in the market, and it is for a good reason. It can stay beautiful for up to 15 hours. The maker also claimed that the foundation is specially made to appear natural even in the hottest weather conditions without smudging, budging, or transferring to cloth. For photoshoots, this is a good choice because it gives excellent coverage while feeling light on your skin.

6.    Cover FX Liquid Foundation
This is a water based foundation that can provide medium coverage which can be easily built up to full coverage while leaving a soft and dewy finish to the skin. This foundation is extremely resistant to water, making it great for photoshoots during summer and another warmer, humid weather conditions. It has vitamin C and E which can reduce skin redness and reduce inflammation.

    A lot of big makeup companies offer good foundations for photo shoots. You should, however, remember to choose according to your skin type and the place where the photoshoot will be done.

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Pros and Cons of Popping a Zit

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Many people experience breakouts and find it irritating. Most people believe that the fastest and most convenient way to get rid of the aesthetic embarrassment is to pop it. It can be in any form such as scratching, scraping, pricking or squeezing, while other people use tools and implements.

A zit, also known as a pimple, is a lesion or an inflammation of the skin caused by excess oil that is trapped in the pores. It is then infected by bacteria and is filled up with pus. Teens can be prone to these because they are undergoing puberty. For some people, they experience breakouts because they have oily or sensitive skin.

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There are a few reasons why you should pop a zit. First, it is the most convenient way to get rid of it. If you pop it correctly, it may hasten its disappearance on the skin.

Popping can also reduce its size. The presence of the pus is the reason a zit appears to be big. Removing it from the skin may lessen its inflammation, and will lead to the reduction of it size.

Lastly, popping done by experts may help in speeding up the healing process of the wound, and may help it fade faster.

While considering the pros of popping, you should also know the several reasons why you should think twice before doing it. First, it can leave scars. You might think that if you pop a zit, then it will just go away like magic. Then if that is the case, you are wrong because after it heals, it will leave a scar on your face just like a wound would leave a scar on your knee.

Second, it can cause infection. Popping involves using your hands. We all know that our hands are one of the dirtiest parts of the body. Just imagine transferring all the bacteria from your hands to your face.

Third, it can cause discoloration. The area around your pimple will get darker. The color may range from dark pink to brown. It may appear like a scar, but it is not. According to, this is called Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation. They also said that it may take three to twenty-four months for it to fade fully.

Lastly, popping a zit hurts. It is a process by which you are extracting pus. Then, you tear the skin on your face and creating a wound.

Therefore, you should always consult a dermatologist before doing anything that concerns your skin because it may lead to bigger problems. If you don’t do it correctly, popping it by yourself may do more harm than good. But if you decide to go through with this and pop your zit, make sure that it is not deep under your skin, and it is ready to be popped. Do it properly by washing your hands, using tissues instead of your bare hands and sterilizing the tools that you might use.